Practical Instructor Exam – PIE

31/08/2019 @ 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Scuba Dream Ltd at Eight Acre Lake
Eight Acre Lake, Mires Lane, North Cave HU15 2QP

The cost to take the PIE is £61 and there are 15 places available.
Further details:

The Practical Instructor Exam (PIE) will take around half a day, depending on local conditions.

The day will start with an overall brief from the lead examiner on the day. You will then split into groups of three candidates to an examiner and be briefed on the lesson.

You will be given around 30 minutes to prepare your lesson but during this time you will also need to move your equipment to the waterside and change into suits etc. Therefore, it is essential that your planning is done well in advance so that you simply need to transfer your lesson to a slate or waterproof notepad.

Each candidate will then present a 45-minute practical lesson in open water.

Each candidate will then complete an open water rescue drill as a practical skill only (not teaching it).

At the end of the session when all candidates have given their lessons the examiner will summarise the session but WILL NOT discuss marks or any specific points arising from the lessons.

The exam will conclude with a debrief from the lead examiner. They will highlight good teaching practices seen on the day, the need to continually develop as an Instructor and next steps.

After the exam the examiner and lead examiners prepare reports for the event and for each candidate.

The results are then approved by the Chief Examiner.
Once the finalised and approved results are back at BSAC, the results are sent out to participants.

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