Meet The Regional Team

John Barton
Job Title: Acting Regional Coach

I am new to diving (relatively), I only started 10 years. I have recently gained my BSAC Advanced Diver as well as becoming an Open Water Instructor. I love diving, and have dived all round the world. My passion for diving means I enjoy encouraging others to go diving, after all, over two thirds of the planet we live on is made up of water, so lets get everyone explore more of it.
If I can help in any way, whether its booking you onto a course or assisting promoting an in house course or event or inter-club course, please do not hesitate to get in contact me.

Jamie Moffatt
Job Title: Web Developer

I am a member of Warrington SAC. Currently a Dive Leader training to become an Advanced Diver and OWI. During the day I work as a software developer to join my skills together and give back to the NW and YH Regions I assist with their online presence.

Dave English
Job Title: Regional Instructor

I started diving at the age of 15 with Doncaster SAC, becoming an Advanced Instructor at the age of 23. I am also a commercial diver, specialising in search and recovery operations.

I’ve held various positions within DSAC, including Diving Officer and Training Officer.

I have a keen interest in seamanship, holding various powerboat qualifications.

Over the years I’ve dived in various places around the world but still think UK diving is the best!

I’m keen for branches and divers to work together to expand their skill base and knowledge in different areas of diving. If you need any assistance feel free to ask for help or advice.

Kevin Rawson
Job Title: Y&H Coaching Team

I started diving nearly thirteen years ago because I always wanted to dive in the Red Sea after growing up watching Jacques Cousteau documentaries in the 70s, this I’ve now done several times on liveaboards . I’ve also dived in the Maldives with Whale Sharks and Mantas been Cenote diving in Mexico and recently dived the ocean Revival wrecks in Portugal not to mention countless wrecks and scenic dives around the UK.

I qualified as an open water instructor in 2017 having been an Advanced diver for a number of years and am regularly seen at Capernwray with trainees and running lectures at the club and pool training sessions on Monday evenings for Bradford SAC (Current role is Training Officer).

I find great reward in passing on my knowledge to others and seeing divers progress to become valid members of the club, a big smile on a new divers face at the end of a dive is worth more than words or money.

Andrew Walters
Job Title: Communications Officer

I started diving 5 years ago after putting it off again and again but finally plucked up the courage to give it a go. Since then diving has opened up my life and taken me to some beautiful places and I’ve met some amazing creatures! I love being a diver and I love being in a great club with awesome people I’m lucky to call friends.

I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you around the region as I can over the next few years.

I am currently half way though my Advanced Diver qualification and am a PIE away from my OWI ticket too.

I'm passionate about growing the sport we love by helping clubs grow. If you're club hasn't got a great online presence, then you may as well not exist. If you need hands on help creating a great website, getting your club Facebook page professional and active or need a guide through getting yourself ranked on those all important Google search results, then drop me a line today!

If there is any way I can help you or your club, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line!